Mummy was offered to star in the short film «Smile Rental»


Today the production company «Leonid Khromov Production» announced innovations in the rules of participation in the international online beauty contest «Smile of Universe 2019».

Now only married women with at least one child can participate in the project. Age of participants from 23 to 45 years of children. The Organizing Committee will also consider questionnaires from participants in a civil marriage.

These rules do not apply to those participants who have already entered the international semifinal of the project based on the results of the two previous qualifying rounds. Currently, there are five participants in the international semi-final: three from Kazakhstan, one from Russia and the United Kingdom. List of participants of the semifinals can be seen HERE.

From today, the last casting on the co-scripts «Smile of Universe 2019» will start, which will last about one month.

You can take part in the casting and fill out the questionnaire on the project's website in the Registration section. Detailed rules of the competition and jury composition can be found in the section About the project.

The final of the international contest «Smile of Universe 2019» will be held in the second half of January or in the first half of February 2019 in live radio on one of the Russian radio stations.

The holder of the title «Smile of Universe 2019» in addition to international recognition and gifts from the partners of the contest will receive a unique opportunity to take part in the shooting of the short film «Smile Rental» in an episodic role. The director of the film will be the general producer of the contest «Smile of Universe» Leonid Khromov. After the film is shot, it is planned to send it to one of the most popular all-Russian film festivals, as well as to the two most prestigious international film festivals in the world, taking place in France and Italy. The winner also has the opportunity to withdraw for the cover of the electronic music project «Leonardo Velconte», which will be placed in the world's digital virinas such as iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon Music, Yandex Music, etc. Also, the winner of the contest will join the jury of the contest «Smile of Universe 2020».

The holder of the title «Second Smile of Universe 2019» will also be able to join the jury of the international contest «Smile of Universe 2020». The holder of the title «Third Smile of Universe 2019» will receive incentive prizes and an electronic diploma about participating in the project.

Recall that the owner of the title of the previous contest «Smile of Universe 2018» was Olga Polovkova from Russia (Sevastopol), which was included in the jury of the contest «Smile of Universe 2019».